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What we consider most important during the construction process of a project is to complete it with ZERO work accident in accordance with our principles. For this purpose, all of our field representatives are determined to achieve this objective. Our primary responsibility is to ensure the project to be completed in accordance with the relevant drawings, work schedules, budgets and quality level. Compliance of the construction works completed in the site with the specified standards is confirmed by our field project team. Another main task of our field project team is to report on the progress of the project at regular intervals. The first and most important tool needed to provide project management services with success is efficient communication. Decisions made at both coordination meetings and the site are informed to the project parties within a pre-defined period of time. Progress payment reports are written and checked by our field project team and are presented to the Employer’s representatives. Work schedule management services are provided, and completion of construction works are monitored during the construction process. Additional measures are taken to prevent the work schedule from delaying and to complete the project until the scheduled delivery date. Purchasing, transportation and logistic planning of products needed for the project’s systems are provided by our field project team during this process. Quality control includes careful supervision and approval of all the materials to be used for the project, carrying them to the site, and installing them at the site. The figures stated in the budget prepared at the initial stage of the project are reviewed by our field project team at every stage of the construction process to confirm compliance with them. Test and commissioning services are provided for the project’s systems in accordance with the relevant check lists and in detail by our teams. If the interim acceptance reveals any shortcoming or incomplete work, our field project team will ensure it to be provided or corrected, and confirm such provision or correction. Documentation, warranty certificates, as-built drawings, etc. of the project are issued under supervision by our project management team and are delivered to the employer after the project is completed.